The beginners guide to great eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break the face, but unlike beard shaping or a haircut, men often neglect grooming this all important feature.

Men Eyebrow (2)

Beauty guru Michelle Abels, who makes up the faces we see on This Morning, shares her top tips for tackling male eyebrows.

“Men’s faces suit strong, thicker brows, but a tidy brow can make a face look neater and more balanced”, says Michelle. “As we start to go grey, maintained eyebrows can make men look younger.”

For men who don’t know where to start, Michelle shares her brow grooming expertise: “Start by brushing your hairs up to see how your brow lays. You could start by carefully trimming the long hairs, and removing any stray hairs from underneath the brows. Some men may have hair in the middle of the brow, above their nose, and I would suggest plucking this.”

Michelle warns against aggressive forms of hair removal. “Threading and waxing can remove a significant amount of hair, which can lead to a more feminine look. If you’re after something more subtle, I’d stick to carefully plucking stray hairs.”

“Work with your natural shape; a tidy and flatter brow looks good on most men”, explains Michelle. “While pros can groom their brows to best suit their face shape.”


Oval faces suit most shapes, but you could keep brows straighter and flatter to extenuate your features.


Round faces tend to have softer features. A more angular brow will help to elongate and balance your face.


Heart shaped faces are widest at your forehead, before narrowing towards the chin. A slightly arched brow will complement your features best.


A typically masculine, square face could benefit from a rounder brow to soften strong angles.

Grooming complete, Michelle suggests men can raid the makeup bag to complete their look. “Just as women use brow makeup to fill in and extenuate their eyebrows, men should absolutely do the same”, says Michelle.

“If you want to keep your brows natural looking, chose an eyebrow product in the colour closest to your brow colour, and apply in a minimal way. I’d recommend choosing a brow balm, rather than an eyebrow pen or pencil, as it is softer and easier to apply.”