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The secret to achieving healthy, glowing skin at home? Skincare experts suggest the solution could be medical grade skincare products which have the strength to transform skin from inside out.

Dr Raj Thethi, founder of Skin Radiance Clinics, knows a thing or two about radiant skin. He tells us, “Anyone who wants to achieve dramatic aesthetic results should try medical grade skincare. These are products that make a change to the skin at the cellular level. They help improve skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation and ageing skin, and ultimately lead to a healthy, radiant complexion.”

The skincare expert reveals his favourite products for transforming skin are ZO. The legendary dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi developed ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health to help combat wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. Dr Obaji believes we will only see true results when we stop treating the skin on the surface, and instead refocus our energy on skincare at a cellular level.

Dr Raj adds “To achieve healthy, great looking skin, products should contain ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin. This usually means high ingredient concentrations to work from the inside out. If the percentage is too dilute then it is not going to give the results we want. I would always recommend speaking with a skincare expert to work out the best treatment for your skin type and concern to ensure you use products ideal for your aesthetic outcomes.”

Most medical grade products, including ZO, are only available after a consultation with a skincare expert to make sure you are using the right products for your skin type, and you don’t do any damage to your skin. A consultation can often be conducted digitally, from the comfort of your own home.

Dr Raj explains “Compared with topical lotions you can buy from the shops, ZO bridges the gap between aesthetic ‘tweakments’ and daily care. Medical grade skincare is especially effective at addressing complex skin types that can be challenging to treat. The active ingredients help transform the skin in the most efficient and effective way.”

Consistency and correct application is key to success with medical grade skincare such as ZO. Dr Raj says “ZO Skin Health products are based on a five step process; cleansing, activation, to increase the penetration of ingredients, stimulation, to awaken and rejuvenate dormant cells, nourishment and protection – don’t forgot to wear SPF!”

Forget quick fixes, skincare experts agree that choosing powerful ingredients, designed to work at the skin’s cellular level to activate and stimulate the cells to nourish, repair and maintain themselves is the key to healthy, glowing skin.

ZO Skincare
Dr Raj Thethi

Meet the Expert

Dr Raj Thethi is an experienced and highly knowledgeable cosmetic doctor based near Leeds. He runs the Skin Radiance Clinics with his wife Dr Sharan.