Best in Brow

Celebrity makeup artist shares the best eyebrow shapes for our face


This Morning makeup artist and founder of makeup range Mishel, Michelle Daniels, understands the importance of a good pair of eyebrows. “Grooming your eyebrows to suit your face shape will help to balance your features, a bit like a finding the right haircut for your face, explains Michelle.”

Eyebrows are subject to trends, just like everything else. From thin arches in the 20s and 90s to dramatic Kardashian inspired brows, eyebrow act as a sign of the times. “If you love to follow fashion, have fun with your brows to match”, says Michelle.

“For everyone else, I’d recommend grooming your brows to suit your face shape. There have been some lovely eyebrow trends over the years, and the gentle arches of the 50s and 60s will look good on most of us. I don’t think the recent trend for block eyebrows suits many people – I think we may look back on that trend with a bit of regret.”

Michelle shares her expertise for the best brow style to complement your face shape:

Round: People with round faces may have fuller cheeks, and soft features. An arched brow will help to elongate your features and balance your round cheeks.

Rectangle: Rectangular faces usually have a deeper forehead, longer nose and stronger jaw line. Opt for a curved eyebrow with a sharp arch to balance the straight lines in your face.

Oval: If you have an oval face, you will have balanced proportions, with a softly rounded forehead and chin. Most eyebrows shapes will suit you, so extenuate your natural brows with a gentle arch.

Long face: People with a long face might have an elongated forehead, with a face that is longer than it is wide. A flattened eyebrow will help make your face look shorter; avoid a sharp arch, as this makes faces look longer.

Heart: Heart shaped faces are widest at your forehead, before gently narrowing towards the chin – a bit like a heart. A soft curved arch will complement your features best.

Step 2, the brow makeover. Michelle shares her top brow styling tips.
“Brushing your brows up will help you work out what your natural brow shape is. Take charge of your brows. You might need to grow out your brows if you have over plucked them, and if they are too sparse, you can fill them in with eyebrow products.

If brows are too long, you could carefully trim them, while stubborn eyebrows benefit from balm to help them stay in place – I like my own Mishel Brow Balm. Thick brows may benefit from careful plucking below the brow line, but never remove hair from above the brow, as this will affect your natural arch.”