Best Eyebrow Product

This Morning makeup artist shares her top eyebrow products to help give us all our best brows ever

Best Eyebrow

Eyebrows frame and add structure to the face, and accentuate your eyes. This Morning makeup artist Michelle Abels shares her expert tips to give us all the ultimate set of brows.

“A groomed brow suits everyone. They can make you look more polished, and can help you look younger or more awake”, says Michelle.

Michelle shares her favourite eyebrow products:

“Whether you opt for an eyebrow pencil, pen or brush is very personal, and they all have their place”, explains Michelle. “I like to use a brush, as you can make eyebrows look more natural, using finer strokes. However, brow balms can fill in gaps and shape brows, and they stick to stubborn hairs in a way pencils don’t.”

“As we get older, our eyebrows start to turn grey or lose their colour. Brow pens or pencils colour the skin, but not the hair, so balm is a great option for more mature brows. I use my own Eyebrow Balm, from my range Mishel Makeup. Balms are also useful for helping brows stay in place, as they grab onto the hair. I’d recommend brushing your brows into shape before they dry to help them last all day.”

“Deliah’s Brow Line is a retractable pencil with a brush. I like using it because of the fine tip, so it goes on smoothly. It also has a great range of colours, and has a brush on the end so it’s easy to blend.”

“For products that sculpt your eyebrows and create a dramatic effect, try Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, which comes in an impressive nine shades, or Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor, which is really easy to use.”

“Finally, if you prefer a pen, Benefit Brow has a Microfilling Pen, which is great for filling in gaps.”

Insider makeup expert Michelle suggests we change up our products to create a new brow look for day to night.

“We change our clothes for a night out, and apply a fresh coat of lipstick, so why should our eyebrows be any different?”, says Michelle. “In the day, most people like a natural look. So in the evening, you could strengthen the colour, and define your brows with a stronger shape to match your party look.”

“When shaping the brow”, Michelle explains, “always start above the brow, rather than underneath. This gives you the shape you want, and then you can fill in underneath.”

And for those who over plucked their eyebrows in the 90s, or weren’t blessed with Cara Delevingne arches, Michelle suggests turning to a brow balm or pencil. “Any over plucked brows can be filled in with the right products. Carefully draw in your brows, and find the right colour to match your eyebrows.”