Dermal Fillers For Hands

As we get older, we start to lose collagen naturally – one percent a year from the age of 25, and as much as 50 percent by the time we are 50 – which can lead to our skin looking thin, hollow or saggy. This is especially noticeable with our hands, which are the most exposed part of the body after the face. As many of us aren’t as diligent in protecting them, they are often one of the first places to show signs of ageing - with bones and veins looking more prominent and a crêpey texture to the skin.

Filler For Hands

You can slow down the ageing process through SPF protection and a healthy diet, but there are also treatments to improve the hydration in the hands. Hyaluronic Acid fillers or collagen stimulating Ellansé filler applied sub-dermally (into the skin) help to rejuvenate the appearance of hands, making the veins and bones look less prominent and improving the skin quality. Collagen stimulating dermal filler treatment can also reduce sun spots due to a higher turnover of healthy new skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment area?

The Hands.

Pre and post treatment care?

You should avoid hot baths and vigorous exercise for 24 hours after your treatment. You should also avoid over-exposure to the sun and UV light for one week.

Longevity of results?

Results last for up to three years.

How long until treatment results are fully appreciated:

Results with an HA filler will be seen immediately. A collagen stimulating filler like Ellanse will provide both instant and gradual results, as the filler encourages the body to produce collagen over the course of up to four months.

Contraindications/common side effects?

As with any injection there may be side effects such as localised redness, swelling and bruising.



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Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward

“It is very easy to tell someone’s age from their hands; they are very exposed, which takes its toll. Daily UV light from the sun can induce oxidative stress in the skin, which can promote premature ageing and can degrade collagen further. While we might be religious with our facial skincare routine and sun cream use, the hands are often neglected. For hands in need of rejuvenation, we treat with Ellansé, which is a collagen stimulating dermal filler. Adding filler to the hands instantly lifts the tissues, making veins and wrinkles less prominent, while collagen stimulators replace lost volume over several months by building a framework of collagen in the skin.”

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