Why less is more for lip fillers

As we age, our reduced collagen production means we can lose lip volume. Meanwhile, other people are born with lips they may feel are too thin, or they don’t like the shape of. For those seeking a rejuvenated pout, there are options in the form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) lip filler.

Lip Leanne

Most experts agree that it’s not possible to ‘see’ good lip filler. Instead, skilful lip ‘tweakments’ should look natural and imperceptible to those not in the know. But how can you enhance your lips without achieving the dreaded ‘trout pout’?

The key, according to advanced nurse practitioner Anna Kremerov, is a conservative approach. “The right lip filler in the right trained practitioners hands can create amazing, natural looking results”, says Anna. “However, too many dermal filler lip injections, or too much dermal filler can give artificial results.”

“Too much filler can actually make you look older”, says Anna. “Always visit a safe and extensively trained expert, as injecting requires in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy and extensive knowledge of how much filler to use, what brand and what consistency. The best type of filler for plump, natural looking lips is one that gives you more volume, meaning you don’t need to use as much.”

Why Choose Maili 02

A new Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler has launched, which delivers just that. MaiLi uses 24 percent less filler1 for unparalleled volume and suppleness. “This is the only HA filler I have used where less product means greater fullness and flexibility”, says Anna. “Thanks to its volumising capacity, less filler can be used for a more authentic look and feel.”

The soft and springlike HA gel allows for natural movement, and lasts for up to one year in lips2, saving time between top ups.

The right lip filler can also be used in different ways to maximise your results. “When applied in the lip outline, which is known as the vermilion border, lip filler can create definition and width”, says Anna. “Meanwhile, filler in the upper or lower lip can help create a feeling of fullness. Lip filler can also be applied to the cupid’s bow to create more definition or a contoured shape. Finally, vertical lines around the lips can be ageing, so small amounts of filler can create a more youthful appearance.”

MaiLi’s HA fillers attract moisture and healthy vitality from the loss of collagen and elastin, reflecting natural movement and expression.

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1 Clinical investigation: in comparison to Juvéderm® Voluma, 24% less product of MaiLi Extreme is required for the same results in the treatment of the cheek area.

2 Data on file.