The future of male ‘tweakments’ and grooming

Aesthetic treatments are becoming more and more popular amongst men. And here's why.

Men Treatments

Over the last few years, men have started to make strides into the world of aesthetics. While male cosmetic surgery procedures decreased between 2018 and 2019, experts suggest this is due to the rise of the male ‘tweakment’. As men become increasingly well-versed in the range of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments available to them, the demand for subtle procedures with little downtime has surged.

Interestingly, for many male patients looking better is prioritised over looking younger. “I rarely get requests from men to make them look younger, requests focus more on enhancing the aesthetic”, says leading aesthetics doctor, Dr Vincent Wong.

“I’m finding that more and more of my male patients are requesting treatments to masculinise their faces. Treatments that create chiselled jawlines are among the most popular, with many of my male patients telling me that they feel that a pronounced, strong, jawline is a sign of manliness.”

We are genetically predisposed to find pronounced jawlines physically attractive. Strong jaws develop as a result of high testosterone levels; and subconsciously our genetics programming tells us that men who are extremely healthy and of high genetic quality are typified by a powerful jawline.

So how can men create a chiselled jawline without resorting to surgery? Dr Wong explains:

“My preferred treatment for the jawline area is the use of a collagen stimulating filler called Ellansé. The product is incredibly versatile, offering volume and definition where it is needed, and can be skilfully placed by clinicians to ensure that it doesn’t soften or feminise male faces. For male patients specifically, I tend to use a layering technique to build up volume where it is required, typically at the wider edges of the jawbone (the joint area that expands when we clench our teeth). I get great feedback from patients about how the treatment improves skin quality too.”

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual report reveals the top treatment for men in 2019 was the rhinoplasty. Men with characteristically masculine noses, typically perceived as well-defined and strong, are seen as more assertive and virile. A liquid nose job, a non-surgical alternative, which injects filler to change nose shapes with little to no downtime, is an increasingly popular alternative for both men and women.

Aesthetic expert Dr Rowland-Warmann tells us: “Whilst using an HA filler treatment can’t make a larger nose smaller in size, straightening it makes it appear smaller as it blends better with the rest of the face. In the hands of a trained clinician this non-surgical option can also be used to upturn a hooked nose, smooth out nasal deformities and correct asymmetries, depressions and contour irregularities – whether these are as a result of genetics or injury. Perfectha is my filler of choice due to the predictable nature of the product.

The myth that men don’t care about skincare is just that, a myth. The male skincare industry is booming. In the UK, the grooming market is estimated to be worth £500 million, an increase of £2.2 million between 2018 and 2019.

“Men face the same skincare issues as women, and are increasingly seeking effective solutions”, says Dr Vincent Wong. “All of our favourite skincare ingredients like Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C work just as well for men as well as women and help solve universal skincare woes like wrinkles, acne and pigmentation.”

“Glycolic acid breaks down the bonds that hold dead cells on the skin together, speeding up the exfoliation process. As a result, it is great for bringing about vibrancy and lifting dull skin. It penetrates deep into the pores, and loosens the build-up of oil and debris. This helps to keep pores clean, avoiding breakouts. Glycolic acid also speeds up the skin’s turnover, which is good for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, leading to a more even skin tone.”

Studies have shown that combining acids Glycolic and Retinol increase the efficacy of both. Dr Vincent Wong notes: “I regularly suggest using both Glycolic Acid and Retinol together as a combination treatment for my male patients. By encouraging collagen and elastin production, retinol thickens the dermis and improves skin elasticity therefore improving the look of lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin’s surface. Because of the collagen stimulation, retinol can also improve other textural defects, including the softening of indented acne scars, and has been shown to help fade and reduce the size of stretch marks”.

Dr Vincent Wong warns that men don’t always realise the importance of suncream: “You need to wear SPF every day, no matter what else you put on your skin. We are at risk of sun exposure every day, even if there are grey clouds. However, acid based skincare makes your skin more vulnerable to UV light, which can penetrate into the deeper layers, so SPF is an essential.”

As men start to see the impact both ‘tweakments’ and skincare overhauls can have on their looks and self-confidence, there is no denying that the future of beauty looks increasingly gender neutral.

Men Treatments
Vincent Wong

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Dr. Vincent Wong is one of London’s leading cosmetic doctors. He is trained in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments and is a specialist in facial balancing and harmony.