New Hyaluronic Acid (HA) technology enables 24% less filler to achieve greater fullness and flexibility*

A newly launched Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler called MaiLi allows trained medical professionals to use 24% less filler* yet achieves unparalleled volume and suppleness. MaiLi’s soft and springlike gel is the only HA filler where less product means greater fullness and flexibility. This allows for natural facial movements, and lasts for up to one year in lips**, saving time between top ups.

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MaiLi’s HA fillers replenish lost moisture and healthy vitality from the loss of collagen and elastin, reflecting natural movement and expression. Designed to completely rejuvenate the face, the four fillers in the MaiLi range portfolio work together to soften and smooth lines. Each version has varying HA concentrations and structure for specific areas of the face, helping lift, smooth or shape.

  • Precise, the ultimate skin finishing treatment to smooth wrinkles and fine lines for long-lasting radiance. Precise can be used for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as in the tear tough area for eye bags and dark circles *** Precise can also reconstruct areas with scar tissue.
  • Define, perfect for lip volume and fill deep wrinkles. Define lifts eyebrows and smooths marionette lines. Define can reconstruct areas with scar tissue
  • Volume, rejuvenates lost volume and vitality with supple fullness, while shaping features for refined results. Adding volume to cheeks and temples, Volume also contours the face and can be used for volume loss associated with HIV.
  • Extreme, MaiLi’s most powerful filler for sculpting and profile balancing, Extreme creates dramatic volume and definition. Extreme can sculpt and reshape the face, enhance cheeks, chin and jawline and balance profiles. Extreme can be used for volume loss associated with HIV.
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MaiLi helps rejuvenate, contour and sculpt the face, while acting like soft, flexible and elastic skin tissue, working with the face’s natural movement and expression. This means you will experience soft and supple skin, compared with more rigid or restrictive fillers.

MaiLi has a spring-like effect because of a new patented Smart Spring Science technology. The world first preserves the natural entanglements between the long HA chains, which means fewer chemical links are needed. This creates a bouncy gel, which allows for natural movement, volume, and longevity. MaiLi is also synonymous with safety (and like all the products in the Sinclair portfolio of products it has an exemplary safety record), and uses lidocaine for a more comfortable experience for patients.

* Clinical investigation: in comparison to Juvéderm® Voluma, 24% less product of MaiLi Extreme is required for the same results in the treatment of the cheek area. Data on file.

**Data on file

***MaiLi Precise is reserved to specialist specifically trained in the injection technique and having sound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the periorbital area.