Long-lasting treatments for lockdown

Dr Wassim Taktouk confirms the trend for treatments that last longer in light of ‘lockdown-life’.

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Video calls during the first lockdown led most of us to examine our faces minutely. Many of us bemoaned our greying roots, and crumpled brows as the weeks passed and our treatments wore off. We then experienced a brief break where we were able to resume normal life, albeit short lived! In the midst of a second lockdown, experts are reporting a change in the type of treatments clients are requesting.

Prior to lockdown, clients were mainly requesting ‘quick-fixes’ such as botulinum toxin and HA fillers, which when administered in small doses can achieve a natural look, but require regular top-ups to maintain the effects. Since lockdown, they’ve come to realise that these types of injectables wear off quickly, and as a result, don’t have the longevity people are now looking for, nor do they provide good value for money.

Now it seems longer lasting treatments are the most regularly requested according to leading aesthetic expert Dr Wassim Taktouk, from Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge who treated Trinny Woodhall pre-lockdown says:“I certainly think there will be a push towards ‘better for longer’ treatments. The Sinclair portfolio which includes Ellansé and Silhouette Soft achieve this beautifully. They are often one-off treatments and not part of a package that the patient may not be able to complete if a lockdown is imposed. Both stimulate collagen and results with Silhouette Soft last 18 months, and with Ellanse up to 3 years.”

Dr Wassim goes on to discuss the increase in requests for hand treatments post-lockdown.

“After the excessive handwashing we’ve had to do I’ve particularly seen a rise in requests for Ellansé which works well to anti-age the hands. There are some Ellansé products that can last up to three years so it’s understandable why these are becoming more popular.”

And touching on the imminent changes the beauty industry is bound to experience, Dr Wassim says:

“With fewer slots being available to clients post-lockdown, the appointments may need to be reserved for the actual physical treatment. Online consultations may form part of the new norm. Patients have realised this and have been asking for multiple treatments at the same time. This isn’t always achievable as sometimes one treatment needs to settle before we decide if a further treatment is warranted.”

So how do longer lasting treatments like Ellansé collagen stimulating dermal filler work?

Longevity science and studies
Ellansé contains smooth microspheres (tiny particles) that are evenly distributed in the carrier gel, which fill the areas of skin affected by volume loss. Over the course of a few months, the product will stimulate your body’s natural collagen production.

Studies conducted by Dr Pierre Nicolau have confirmed that new collagen endures 21 months after injection with Ellansé. Ellansé has 3 products in the range: S, M & L, which offer longevity ranging from 18 months to 3 years.
Patients treated with Ellansé can realistically expect to experience immediate increased facial volumisation, to improve the appearance of folds, lines and wrinkles.

Patients can expect to see an increased improvement in their results at 3 months post treatment as microspheres encourage the body to produce collagen in response. However, it is the longevity of the results Ellansé achieves its strong differentiating factor.

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Dr Wassim Taktouk

Meet the Expert

Dr Wassim Taktouk trained at Bartholomew’s and The Royal Hospital Medical School.

He is a trainer, mentor and lecturer in aesthetic medicine helping other practitioners to learn the art of aesthetics, both in the UK and abroad.